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Rawdon Golf Club in 1906

Rawdon Golf & Lawn Tennis Club was originally a tennis and croquet club which dated back to the mid 1870's. The golf club was established in 1896 when around 40 acres of rough agricultural land was purchased for the playing of golf.

The club can lay claims to the course being designed by Vardon who must have been approached for his ideas on getting the best out of the naturally undulating terrain. Vardon's original course plan can still be seen hanging in the clubhouse to this day.

The course has undergone considerable changes over the past 100 years and although the croquet is long since a thing of the past, the club has always been known for is unique blend of both golf and tennis. The golf course is widely recognised as one of the best nine hole courses in the country.

10th Tee
4th Fairway
6th Fairway / Green & 7th Fairway

The vast amount of mature trees on and surrounding the parkland course, coupled with careful planning over the years has produced a challenging and attractive par 72 golf course measuring nearly 6000 yards in length.

Located approximately 6 miles north west of Leeds, West Yorkshire, the clubhouse occupies a prime site on top of 'Buckstone Rock' affording wonderful views of the Aire Valley. This local landmark is historically of great religious significance when, during the 17th century, baptists and other non-conformists would meet under the rock to worship in secret. The famous John Wesley was also known to preach to large congregations from the top of the rock.

Clubhouse in 1913
Present day Clubhouse
The current clubhouse stands on the same site as the original clubhouse when the club was first established. Little changes were made to the original wooden building which had served the club for over half a century until 1964 when a modern flat roofed 60's style structure was erected. In turn a pitch slate roof was added and the clubhouse extended over the years bringing the clubhouse up to its present day appearance.
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